fangirl’s worst nightmare?

Here we go. I was reading A Reaper at the Gates, by Sabaa Tahir, the third book in her An Ember in the Ashes series….and what I thought was the third and final book in the series….turns out the series is actually a quartet, and not a trilogy. Although this information came to me too little, too late. I’d been reading ARATG and had about a hundred pages left when I started to get suspicious (okay, freak out) because it seemed like there were waaayyy too many plot points that would have to get wrapped up in an increasingly smaller number of pages…with fifty pages left I was in denial…and when I got to the end it was quite clear I was mistaken in my belief that this book was the conclusion to this series. Obviously I was not mentally prepared for yet another tortuous cliff hanger and do not know how I’m supposed to wait another two years for the last book! Although the fangirl in me knows that now I just get to read another of these glorious books in the future, and that future me will be happy – current me is still very upset! Oh well. Expect a book review for Reaper at the Gates soon – when I post to my bookstagram I’ll upload a review here. Thank you for sympathizing in this terrible event 🙂

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